hot cross buns!

hot cross buns!

one a penny, two a penny,

hot cross buns!



Alright, I am not here to sell hot cross buns. But these photographs… well, they were clicked a couple of minutes ago… hot cross photographs!!

I somehow missed Raj’s post on Learn Photography – Black and white. I realized this when I saw Helen’s contribution to Learn Photography. Raj, please publish your posts before my sleep time *cough*9.30*cough*.

Once upon a time,



There was a girl who loved button roses…


So, she ventured out of her house in search of one when…

she met an old and withered miss marigold


Miss marigold told the girl stories… stories of how miss marigold was once a beautiful and bubbly little girl


Miss marigold warned the girl about the twins – chryss

The evil twin chryss had a dark aura


And the other twin had a radiant aura


End of story!!!



Quite Focus-y!

I hope the photographer in me is getting better at clicking photos in manual mode. Well, that is something that only Raj guru can predict (Predict???)… And of course, all those who are reading this post can give me review comments too!

The topic for this week is Focus!


Ah! Well… doesn’t it look like a creepy little hairy monster, Sherlock?


May be this should have been posted under the topics macro and blur too. If you are still wondering about this hairy monster then let me tell you that this is the stem of a marigold plant.


I was trying to capture the rain drops + orientation of petals… Hmm.. not a very neat job by this student!!!



But what about this one? I managed to capture the petals well… or at least okayish! The flower pot was at an odd angle and so were the flowers! I had to do a bit of circus ( not trapeze or walking on a rope!) to click this one.



Looks like I have to work a lot on capturing rain drops. I might be capturing it at a wrong angle. The flower pot is next to the wall. And I cannot go to the other side of the wall – well, the other side of terrace garden you see… unless… I learn some gravity defying techniques from bugs bunny!!!



Finally, a new participant ! She needs no introduction nor is she going to get any review comments – people under the age of 4 are exempted from getting review comments, right Raj?

Photos by kitty, from kitty!

While I was busy focusing my camera on the flowers, this feline was busy focusing on all the birds on our mango tree. Chirp chirp tweet tweet!




And then, she saw a chipmunk…


Oh well, do not worry about the chipmunk. It has gone on a picnic with wife and kids! Kitty doesn’t kill any birds or rodents or animals. She is an environmentalist!



Pitter-patter rain drops…

I hear thunder

And before that, there was a lightning,

and it rained cats and dogs over the weekend!

So I decided to click a couple of photos with rain as my main theme. And then yesterday, Raj said – “when do you ‘wow’ a picture?” And it rained again this evening. Oh wait… there is something missing… isn’t it?

I am yet to buy a macro lens but that doesn’t stop me from clicking “macro” photos!

rain drops on the leaf of gladious

EXIF data : f/5.6; ISO-1100, exposure time -1/200


rain drops on colacasia leaves ( psst.. instead of rain drops here, I wish it was made into a patrode !)

EXIF data : f/5.6, ISO-1600, exposure time : 1/4000



EXIF data : f/5.6, ISO-2000, exposure time : 1/4000


P.S. : Patrode is a dish made of colacasia leaves and moong dal.

P.S.1. : The third picture is more suited for learn photograph titled blurred. What say, Raj?


Hocus Focus!

I just can’t stop thinking about the flower show that I visited yesterday! I was eagerly waiting for it, after all, I get to click a lot of pictures. 😉 I had decided that my next contribution to Raj’s Learn Photography would be after my visit to the flower show. I wanted to use all the tips that Raj gave me in few of my previous posts on Learn Photography.

The topic for this week is Sharpness. Since most of my subjects are flowers, I decided to get a bit creative. I was switching between manual and guide mode.

This is my all time favorite (since yesterday). The flower shown below is called Helichrysum. There were loads and loads of helichrysums but I decided to focus on this bud.


EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/200



EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/200



EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/200

The above three photographs were clicked while on manual mode (M). I kept ISO settings to auto.


There was a lot of purple around but I tried to focus on the greens. Resulting in? The below photograph says it all.


EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/60


Creative cactus! Of colors yellow, pink and red, these beauties are some eye candy! Don’t they look like scoops of yummy ice cream? Thorny ice cream!!  😛


EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/25


And this one is my favorite too. Coxcomb! They were large in size and number. And there was one pink coxcomb that was bigger than my face. I tried clicking a selfie and… neither my face nor the coxcomb was in the photo. I am bad at taking selfies and I am bad in front of the camera!! I can’t make duck faces!! 

DSC_0096 (2)

EXIF Data :
Exposure time: 1/30

Don’t they look like colored broccoli? 😉