A spark is all you need

Here is one of the best examples to show that nature is, indeed, the best teacher.

I had sowed seeds of chillies a couple of months ago. The plants are now fully grown, and we even get chillies every now and then. It so happened that, one of the plants wilted all of a sudden. Maybe it was the wind, or kitty might have accidentally stepped on the plant, whatever the reason, its stem was broken. The plant started to wilt and I thought it would die. I pushed the broken stem deeper into the ground, hoping that it would keep the plant alive. As days passed by, the plant started showing signs of life again. It was no longer wilting. Now, the plant looks healthy. In fact, there are tiny little chillies on it.

Sometimes in life, we lose hope. We feel that no matter how much we try, everything is working against us. We withdraw. We isolate ourselves. But there is always a tiny spark of hope. Just like the chilli plant that had a second chance to live, we too have a second chance, to improve our lives for better. To move ahead, to live our lives to the fullest and be happy. All we need is a spark. The spark maybe in the form of a spiritual awakening where we realise that we are always connected to a higher power, or a person, who would motivate us to move away from the darkness.

All you have to do is look around, and you will find answers. If not answers, then nature will always provide you with enough experiences, to show you that there is always hope and love.


How to identify toxic people

The people in your life should be a source of reducing stress, not causing more of it


At some point in time, we come across people who discourage us from being a better person. This group of people is whom we call “toxic”. They try to demotivate you, lower your self-esteem and sabotage your personal growth.

Identifying toxic people and understanding how to manage them is crucial to your well being, success and happiness.

Those who are difficult, annoying or unpleasant might not always be toxic. You might want to distance yourself from them but not cut off. Having said that, it all depends on each individual. The decision is always yours — you should know when to distance them and when to cut off.

Here are a few signs of toxic people.

Toxic people are manipulative. They know how to use people to get their job done. It’s all about them.

Toxic people have a negative mindset. They always complain, whine and criticize. Nothing makes them happy. Nor are they ready to be happy for you.

Toxic people do not care about you, support you or show interest in something that is important to you.

Criticism is in their blood! They will find ways to put you down by criticizing your every decision.

Toxic people show no empathy or compassion.

Toxic people are always right. Mistakes? They are too wise to make mistakes!

They love to play the role of a victim. It is always somebody else’s fault — excessive blaming.

Toxic people disrespect your boundaries. No matter how much you ask them to respect your boundaries, they will never do so.

Under the influence of a toxic person, you might end up doubting your own decisions. You might feel sad or ashamed of your progress. You might even end up picking up a few toxic qualities from them! Toxicity is contagious so it is better to stay away from those who are toxic.

Rewrite the story of your life

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere?

Do you hate your job but  you cannot quit because of “what next?”

There is this person who criticizes you for every action that you have taken so far but you do not/cannot stand up and fight back.

Do you always find yourself in the company of people who take advantage of your friendship, only to leave you alone after their work is done?  (Read: they no longer need your help)

Have you ever felt that nothing is working in your life, in spite of you giving your best try?

Do you have a lot of failed relationships? You try your best to make it work and yet the other person leaves you for no fault of yours.


If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then it is time to rewrite the story – the story of your life.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Cannot take negative criticism – stand up to it, talk and let the other person know about your toleration limits. Draw boundaries and let people know that they cannot cross it. MAKE IT PRETTY CLEAR that they cannot cross the boundaries/limits. Failing relationship – give it a try if you wish to, else, move on! Forgive your partner and move on.

If you think that you are trying everything but nothing seems to work, it’s time to change. Change that very thought that says “Nothing seems to work”. Efforts never go waste. If something doesn’t work, try again and again, apply different methods, do something! Do something, anything! And things will fall into place.

Your past is something that you cannot change. But your future is like a blank sheet of paper. So, what do you wish to write on this blank sheet of paper? It is all up to you – if you fill it with negativity, expect more of it in your future! Fill it with positive thoughts, ideas, dreams and turn your life into a beautiful experience.


Image Credits: Pixabay