World Photography Day 2018

Today is World Photography Day.

Last year, I selected Travel as my theme. This year, my theme would be … drum rolls, please… BIRDS! Watching birds is my new found hobby.

Here are few pictures of the birds that I photographed :


Red-crested Bulbul



Golden Oriole (male)



Green bee-eater


Luten’s sunbird (male)


White-cheeked Barbet




hessarghatta lake 12




hessarghatta lake 7




Red-vented Bulbul


DSC_0471 (2)
Long-tailed Shrike





Karnataka Diaries: Hessarghatta Lake

After a fun-filled Saturday evening, my aunt and I decided to go to Hessarghatta lake on Sunday (July 15th, 2018). We had heard about the various species of birds that one gets to see at Hessarghatta. My aunt is an avid bird watcher and I, having recently developed an interest in birds, thought it would be a good Sunday outing.

After getting our lunches packed (-upma khichadi and Sheera) at Madurai Idli shop, we took the National Highway 44. We trusted Google Maps for directions and we lost our way! Tip: Do not follow Google Map when you are nearing your destination! We took the toll road only to realize that we were on the wrong route!

Finally, we reached our destination. It was a very sunny and windy afternoon. Forget birds, there was hardly any water in the lake. Cows were grazing on the lake bed, boys and girls were busy clicking selfies and there was a kite or two, searching for its prey.

A peek at the sleepy village on our way to the lake.

hessarghatta lake 1

hessarghatta lake 2

hessarghatta lake 3

A lonely tree at the lake

hessarghatta lake 4

The lake bed. You can see cows and human beings. FYI, only the cows were grazing. 😛

hessarghatta lake 5

There was a temple at the end of the lake.

hessarghatta lake 6

A lonely kite

hessarghatta lake 7

A couple of ducks lazing around in the water (They were very far and this is the only shot that I could get with a maximum zoom on my 55-200mm zoom lens)

hessarghatta lake 8

A tree-ish something

hessarghatta lake 9

A duck trying to catch a fish or something.

hessarghatta lake 10

A pretty little dragonfly.

hessarghatta lake 11

A cormorant

hessarghatta lake 12

Goa Diaries: Casa Araujo Alvares, Loutolim – Part II

As promised in my last post – Goa Diaries: Casa Araujo Alvares, Loutolim – Part I, you guys are in for a virtual tour of the Alvares’ kitchen. From ovens to refrigerators, this kitchen had it all!


The vessel below is called a bhaan. In olden days, when electric water-heaters were non-existent, water was heating in a bhaan. The bathrooms had a furnace, dug and filled with coal in such a way that the bhaan was just above the ground.

DSC_0047 (2)

There was a bhaan in my maternal grandmother’s place. As a kid, I remember throwing anything and everything in the furnace, from chocolate wrappers to banana peels, until I was told not to. 😀


This vessel is called a pedavan. It is a steamer, usually used to make idlis and khottos. Khotto is a Konkan dish where idli batter or a variation of it is filled in a pouch made of jackfruit leaves and steamed to perfection.

DSC_0051 (2)


A couple of weighing scales






A refrigerator

DSC_0060 (2)


A peek at the store-room

DSC_0053 (2)


I am a little teapot, hanging on the roof.



Spoilt for choice when it comes to stoves!



Cleanliness is next to godliness so always keep your food covered.



Well, after a tour of the kitchen, you must be really tired, isn’t it? Have a seat. The dining table is big enough and there is room…oops, seats for everyone.

DSC_0076 (2)

Don’t push or fight. And do not break the crockery!


And FYI, that is my reflection, not a ghost!


Thank you for reading.

Coming up next: A trip to Hessarghatta lake. Until then, Ciao. 😀


Grand Finale

As you all know, I successfully completed the 365 day photo challenge today.

So here we are, at the grand finale! There’s going to be good and drinks, glitters, fireworks and everything else – as long as you have a very good imagination 😉

So let’s get started, shall we?

Over the past one year, I took you all on a magical journey – the journey to the beautiful land of flowers. We saw …

Couple of daisies and other clusters,






And Chrysanthemums.

Then, we saw some assortment of flowers. There were pentas, pansies, petunias (the three P’s) , balsoms and others.

And a couple of bright and vibrant flowers…

And flower beds.

Followed by some more bright and pretty flowers.

Then came the Colors…




Hues of purple,



And pink.

There were gaillardias,

And some rare flowers like rananculus, painted daisies, pincushion (I.J.K called it pinku you shun) , passion flower, silver brunia, proteas and red hot poker.

Followed by some best of the best photographs

We saw some tiger Lillies and azaleas,

Peacocks and hearts made of begonias,

butterflies, house and a windmill made of roses,

Some monuments made of roses – the Indian parliament, Gol Gumbaz and Red Fort

And finally, some musical instruments made of flowers.

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey. 🙂

365 days of Flower Photography: Day 365

Painted Daisy

Phew! *Wipes the sweat off the brow* I finally completed 365-day photo challenge with flying … flowers?!! Thank you all for your support. Your likes and comments motivated me to go ahead and complete this challenge.

You must be thinking ‘what next?’ Well, I initially thought of taking a looonnnnggggg break from blogging. But… Nope. I will go on a short break and be back soon. I don’t think I will do another 365-day photo challenge – needs a lot of patience and dedication, even if I, it won’t be flowers! I have lots of travel photographs so I was thinking of one post every fortnight. There are photographs from Kashmir, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – so be prepared to take a virtual tour of all these Indian States once I come back from my break. 🙂

Oh wait… Didn’t I mention about the grand finale? It is in a couple of hours so get ready for the main event. 😁 Make sure to bring your plus ones and twos and hundreds.