Now we are even!

“’s life?”

“You mean, how am I still alive? “

“Come on, Meg, I thought we were not meant to be together. Was our divorce a mistake?”

“Of course not!”

“Meg! It is pretty hot today, isn’t it! Gosh, I am feeling dizzy.”

“I just jabbed an icicle into your carotid artery. You will slowly bleed to death. The cops will think that it is the handy work of the famous stiletto killer.”

“Why, Meg?”

“Jay, two years ago, you tried to kill me. Now we are even! “



Word Count: 87

Image Credits: Dale Rogerson


Why not a commode?

“Daddy, why is there a commode in our store-room? ”

“It was old and leaky so I replaced it with a new one in our bathroom. ”

“So, can I use it as my dining chair? Please daddy!!”

“Son!!! Who uses a commode as a chair? Don’t bring that old and broken commode inside the house! Do you understand?”

“I read about a toilet-themed restaurant where the chairs are actual commodes. I want a chair just like that, daddy! Please!!”

Dad almost faints!!!



Word Count: 82

Image Courtesy: What’s His Name?


Psst: There is a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet Restaurant”. Here’s the wiki link to it. Drinks are served in miniature urinals, seats are actual commodes and food is served in miniature toilet bowls!!! I might be curious but not curious enough to eat in a restaurant like that! What about you? đŸ˜‰

A ‘cooking’ disaster!

I made palak-paneer for dinner the other day and Deepak told me that his mum makes the World’s best palak-paneer! First, there is nothing called “World’s best palak-paneer” and second, when I smell a competition, there is nothing that can stop me!

I went to the kitchen to make some fruit cake. I started by preheating the oven.. and then, my mom called up. I could not wait to complain about Deepak! And the conversation ended two hours later when the smoke alarm went off,my kitchen was on fire and the fire brigade had to be called in!


Word Count: 98

Image Credits: J Hardy Carroll


P.S. : Palak-paneer is an Indian dish made of spinach and cottage cheese.

Damn you, Myna!

Well, you know the saying “Expect the unexpected”. This incident happened a couple of days ago. I told Jack that some sort of ‘paranormal activity’ is going on in our garage. Jack doesn’t believe in ‘paranormal’ but he was surprised when he found his tools on the floor, the spare keys missing and most of the magazines torn! I had saved a couple of Tulip bulbs and sunflower seeds for next spring, but they were nowhere to be seen!

Then we heard a shrill ‘tweet tweet’. And a small black ‘ghost’ came hopping by!

Jack said “Damn you, Myna!”


Word Count: 99

Image Credits:Douglas M Macilroy

A dinner date…

Still and calm water, cool breezy evening and the big bright full moon.

A luxurious yacht, a scrumptious looking meal set on the table, champagne in tall glasses – it was a perfect date!

She knew he was going to ask her to marry him. She was so sure about it.

And there he was, dressed in a tux. And before she could utter the word “GUN”, BANG BANG! One shot to the head and the other to her chest. After all, the setup was too good to be true!


Word Count : 89

Image Credits : Ted Strutz



Behind open doors…

“Isa, lets find a room elsewhere. Please”

“Why? They do have a room here!”

“The only room that is vacant is Room No 13.”

“So? Oh don’t tell me something silly now!”

“Room no 13 of this motel is haunted. There have been a lot of deaths in …”

“We are taking this room and that’s final!”

The next morning, one of the house keeping staff found the door of Room no 13 open. There was a slight smell of bitter almonds in the room. And on the bed, there were two dead bodies.


Word Count: 90

Image Credits : Rochelle

Post submitted for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.


Our first fight

“I wasn’t thinking straight! Nitin was right. I have to make up for the fight we had last night. Nitin loves gajar ka halwa so I am going to make it for him today.”

Meanwhile Nitin was feeling bad for having argued with Minty.

“I know Minty is stubborn but she is my wife and the love of my life. I am going to surprise her. I am going to buy a bunch of her favorite flowers”, said Nitin.

And their ‘first fight after marriage’ ended on a sweet and flowery note.


Word Count: 93

Photo Credits : Dale Rogerson

Post submitted for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.


P.S. : Gajar ka halwa is an Indian dessert made of freshly grated carrots, cream and sugar.