Red and snow

Something feels ‘off’ today. It has been snowing non-stop since Monday and the howling wind seems to be warning me of something. There have been a couple of murders in this area so I keep the doors locked at all times. I hear a knock so I look through the window ; I see a dark-hooded figure. I open the door thinking that it might be someone stranded in the snow… I was a second late to notice a glistening knife in his hand.

Word Count: 83

Image Credits: Dale Rogerson


Web of lies


Jane and Ann meet at a resturant.

“Jane! Congratulations girl! Now come on, show me a photo of your would-be-husband!”

Jane shows Ann a picture of her fiance.

“Jane, You must be kidding! This  guy is John and he is my boyfriend!”

“How dare you say such a thing! He is Paul, not John! ”

And while the two ladies are arguing over his real name and identity, the waiter comes over to take their order and ..

“Ladies, how do you know this guy?”

“What do you mean”, they retort angrily.

“Well, his name is Rick,  and he is my husband!”


Word Count: 100

Image Credits: Victor and Sarah Potter


The new-age time machine

“Shelly! My bicycle is missing. I just met Mrs. Paulson and she too said that her son’s bicycle is missing. Looks like the handiwork of a thief! What…! Sheldon. You got some explaining to do, Mister!”

“What is it, mom?”

“What is that weird looking thing doing in our backyard. Don’t you tell me that those wheels are from bicycles..”

“Meet Mr. SPOCK, the modern day time machine. I built it using the things I found lying around. You sit here and start pedaling like this and …”

“Sheldon! Where are you? Where did you disappear??


Word Count: 95

Image Credits: Ted Strutz

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year! 😀

Now we are even!

“’s life?”

“You mean, how am I still alive? “

“Come on, Meg, I thought we were not meant to be together. Was our divorce a mistake?”

“Of course not!”

“Meg! It is pretty hot today, isn’t it! Gosh, I am feeling dizzy.”

“I just jabbed an icicle into your carotid artery. You will slowly bleed to death. The cops will think that it is the handy work of the famous stiletto killer.”

“Why, Meg?”

“Jay, two years ago, you tried to kill me. Now we are even! “



Word Count: 87

Image Credits: Dale Rogerson

Why not a commode?

“Daddy, why is there a commode in our store-room? ”

“It was old and leaky so I replaced it with a new one in our bathroom. ”

“So, can I use it as my dining chair? Please daddy!!”

“Son!!! Who uses a commode as a chair? Don’t bring that old and broken commode inside the house! Do you understand?”

“I read about a toilet-themed restaurant where the chairs are actual commodes. I want a chair just like that, daddy! Please!!”

Dad almost faints!!!



Word Count: 82

Image Courtesy: What’s His Name?


Psst: There is a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet Restaurant”. Here’s the wiki link to it. Drinks are served in miniature urinals, seats are actual commodes and food is served in miniature toilet bowls!!! I might be curious but not curious enough to eat in a restaurant like that! What about you? 😉