Treasure Hunt (of sorts!)


Having heard the saying “there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow”, I decided to do some research, follow the rainbow till the end and see if there is actually a pot of gold. The rainbow ended on a white building in the middle of nowhere.

“The pot of gold might be hidden in the basement”, I thought.

There was a strong stench of blood and rotten flesh as I entered the building. “May be it is just a dead rat”, I said to myself.

As I ventured into the basement, the smell of rotten flesh was unbearable. There was blood all over the floor! I was just about to run when … I heard a click. I was pretty sure that the click was that of the safety latch of a gun when… BANG!

“Miss, are you alright?”, said the voice.

“God, is that you?”, I asked!

“No! I am the police. We had information that a psycho-killer was hiding in this building. You were almost his dinner, miss!


Word Count: 173

Image Credits: any1mark66



Seeing is believing

Sam, a retired cop, could not believe that he found his dream home and that too at a dirt-cheap price! A beautiful bungalow right near the port, big boats all around, clear blue water, sea gulls, what else does one want after retirement!

“But something is wrong”, thought Sam.

As days passed by, Sam started feeling weird. It was as if the house was haunted. Many a times he thought he heard someone scream; sometimes he could hear someone chopping something in the kitchen.

As they say ‘once a cop, always a cop’, Sam decided to play detective. He searched the internet for crimes in his area and there it was! His bungalow was once a crime scene. A young couple were murdered. Their chopped up bodies were found in the freezer!


Word Count: 132

Image Credits: J.S.Brand


Kitty learns to drive!

Kitty turned 2 last month. We cats have nine lives so when I say “Kitty turned 2”, what I really mean is 2×9=18, she turned 18!! So, as a responsible citizen of the cat world, I told her that its high time she learned to drive a car. Mommy is not going to be around forever so kitty should learn to stand on her own feet! She corrects me by saying that cats have paws, not feet! Kids!! Kittens!!

So, I give her my car keys. Before jumping into the plush seats I tell her to trim her nails. I do not want a single scratch on my rat-leather seats, you see! Then, I teach her the ABCs – Accelerator, Brake and Clutch. So off we go, driving slowly.. there is not much traffic so kitty says “Mommy, you know that scene from fast and furious? I want to re-enact that scene” and before I could say no, she pressed hard on the accelerator. After a while, red-and-blue-blinking-lights car, the one that goes “woop woop”, started following us!


Word Count: 174

Image Credits: Enisa



Upside down frown :)

Mandy was the child of a single parent. He knew that his dad toiled to make ends meet. They lived in a small thatched hut across the village. It was Mandy’s birthday but daddy could do nothing special other than making him a thin-looking oat pancake for breakfast.

There was news that a clown by the name “UPSIDE DOWN FROWN” was in town. He visited houses, left gifts for children and a smiley across the doorway to indicate his visit. Who was he and how did he look was something that nobody knew.

Mandy had heard his teacher talk about the famous children’s novel – Charlie and the chocolate factory… He knew he could not ask daddy for a book. After school, a tired-looking Mandy went home and… that was his best birthday ever, for he saw a smiley on the wall! And guess who was waiting for Mandy inside the house! Mister Willy Wonka himself !


Word Count : 155

Image Courtesy : Grant-Sud


“Something is not right! This..this murder scene… It is too perfect!”

“What do you mean by ‘too perfect’, detective?”

“The victim’s wife said she saw her husband lying in a pool of blood when she came home. And the safe was open and its contents all gone.”


“It’s a bio-metric safe. And it recognizes only … Where is the victim’s wife? She is the murderer!”

By the time they reached the port, the ship was already sailing. And there she was, the victim’s wife, along with her accomplice, waving a ‘goodbye forever’ to the detective and the policemen!



Word Count : 98

Image Credits: BarbCT/Gallimaufry