Tuesday Photo Challenge : Woods

When in the woods

You either get to see…


elephant dung (the greenish-brown blob)





a spotted deer!


Photos taken at Wayanad, Kerala.


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Tuesday Photo Challenge : RGB

This week’s theme is really a challenge! By now, you all must be knowing that I do a lot of flower photography.

Red flower – Easy to find one!

Green and Blue flower??? I managed to find a blue flower from my humongous collection of photographs. But green… ???

May be not a flower, but something related to a garden. What is it? Scroll down to see it 😀



DSC_0024 (2)






DSC_0015 (3)


Don’t tell me that RGB stands for …







DSC_0126 (2)



and Black-eyed Susan (also known as Rudbeckia)



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Tuesday Photo Challenge : Mystery

What can be more mysterious than this photo?


These flowers are called Torenium. What is mysterious about this photo? I haven’t done any editing. And the actual flowers look a lot different than the ones in the above photo. How did this happen is a mystery! May be my camera shook… May be there was ghost passing by when I clicked this photo… You never know!

This is how Toreniums actually look like :

DSC_0014 (2)


Orchids are rare and exotic variety of flowers. But there is something about orchids that make them mysterious.



DSC_0308 (2)


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Tuesday Photo Challenge : Spring

It’s spring!

Spring is the season of rebirth, resurrection, renewal and regrowth.

Spring is also the time for some




Or, do you prefer some gerberas?



Fancy a pansy?



Begonias and petunias are making quite a fuss …


over a hollyhock that was grabbing some attention!

DSC_0701 (2)


And then came a gang of zinnias.


Happy Spring !!


Tuesday Photo Challenge – curve

It’s pi day today. Happy 3.1416! Or should I say 3.1417? 😀

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is curve! 

Every year, during December, Nilgiris – one of the famous cake shop outlet in South India, hosts a cake exhibition in Bangalore. 

Along with the cakes that are kept for display, there are many stalls that sell everything from candy to clothes! I came across this decor, it’s a light fixture made of fibre. 

Notice the curves! These lights can be easily dismantled. Pretty colorful isn’t it?

Now that I have mentioned cakes, here’s one of the cakes that were at display in the exhibition. 

Photography was strictly prohibited! And I sincerely adhered to that rule 😀😀
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