Tis the season for Love

Valentine’s day is around the corner and there’s red everywhere! Red is the color of passion, energy and action. Red is used to express love, as in Valentine’s day.

What else is special about Valentine’s day? Roses!
Roses, one of the most popular flowers in the world, are known for their color, sweet fragrance and many other attributes.

“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

PINK ROSE: “Thank You”

Perfect way to honor a friendship on Valentine’s day. Pink roses show happiness, grace, appreciation and admiration.


YELLOW ROSE: “We are friends and I care about you”

Another way to honor friendship. Yellow stands for joy, friendship, new beginnings and remembrance.


ORANGE/CORAL : “I want you in my life”


RED AND WHITE TOGETHER: “We are a great match”


RED: “I love you”

Nothing says “I Love You” like red roses. Red symbolizes love, beauty, courage and respect.



White-cheeked Barbet – I

White-cheeked Barbet is a species of barbet found commonly in south India. I have seen this green little birdie many times, but I had no idea as to what these were called.

The plus point of being surrounded by trees is that you get to see a lot of birds and insects. Apart from barbets, the other species of birds that I get to see include bulbuls, sunbirds, bahaminy kites, parrots and of course, not to forget crows!

I like to watch kites. They fly so high that they look like a dot in the sky. Just imagine that you are a kite and you are up in the sky, so high that houses, trees, and people look like a minuscule dot. What would you do? Freak out? Faint? Or use binoculars? If I were a kite, I would definitely fly with a camera around my neck orπŸ˜‰ maybe not! The heavy zoom lens is literally a pain in the neck!

So, during my usual evening walk, I saw three of these green birds fly by. I watched them for a while and continued my walk. They were still there, chirping and it was as if they were asking me to click their photos. So I rushed in to get my camera, along with the zoom lens (that I have hardly used!) and started clicking photos. I must say that the photos are not very clear. I need to practice clicking photos using the zoom lens. Nevertheless, the photos are not that bad either!

This one was very active. Don’t believe what I say? Then have a look at the photos below.



It was hyperactive! Moving its head every now and then, pecking at something and hopping, I had a tough time trying to focus my camera on the ‘target’!!



I sent these pictures to my friend and my friend said ” how did you manage to capture these photos? Whenever I go near birds, they fly away’. Here’s the thing, I was about 50-60 feet far from these birds, and in spite of using the zoom lens, I still had to crop these photographs.


With kitty around, birds don’t stay around for a long time. The other day, a tiny little black bird with a purplish tinge on its neck ( a species of sunbird) sat almost next to me and started chirping loudly. Kitty started wagging her tail, meowing in a weird tone and the bird flew away! Kitty was so angry that she scratched me! “Revenge is scratchy “, said kitty!


When it rains…

When it rains, it pours…err.. not true! After a long time, it finally rained drizzled about an hour ago. The flowers and leaves looked all fresh so I decided to click few pictures.

It’s been a long time since I posted something except flowers. so here I am with a not-so-long post.


I think it’s time to buy a macro lens! May be, the droplets would have been more clearer and distinct! Correct me if I am wrong.






This rose has been grabbing a lot of (my) attention lately. I click photos of it everyday! I am not a I-love-roses kind of person but this rose is somehow special.



Then, I found a few geraniums – fresh and lively-looking. Looks like they enjoyed the light shower.










I was clicking some of these photos when …


Meet my assistant and my model – Puddy Tad! She’s a tuxedo cat, the cutest sweetie pie in the whole wide world! She likes to photo-bomb!!! So, I told her that I would click a couple of pictures (of her) and post it on my blog. She’s very happy that the whole meow world would see her.



Time to end this post now. A couple of photos before I say ciao!





P.S.:  I just found out that this is my hundredth post on whakaahua!! YAY!

Mundane Monday #3

Heard of pillars of creation?

Pillars of creation is a giant mass of interstellar dust and gas, located somewhere in the Eagle nebula, at a distance of 6500-7000light years from earth.

This morning, I was in our garden, clicking some photos for mundane monday challenge when I came across pillars of creation growing in our garden! That too in a terrecotta pot! I am going to be famous for this discovery right?? πŸ˜‰

The one in our garden is not made up of gas or dust. It is made up of thorns, thick skin and pulpy insides.

Well… What do you think? Do you agree with me? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€