Mundane Monday #31

The theme for mundane Monday challenge #146 was keychains.

This one is from Mount Abu.

These are from Kanyakumari. Bought this almost a decade ago!

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Mundane Monday #30

The theme for this week is chairs!

The picture below was taken at the Alvarez’s house, Goa.


Oh boy, this chair did bring back some memories of the chairs at my maternal grandmother’s place! Those were some monstrous chairs! It was like there was some past-life connection between me and the chairs! Okay, that was a bit of exaggeration I suppose. So let me tell you guys the story behind the chairs at my Ammama’s (Maternal grandmother) place.

These antique/ancient/whatever-you-like-to-call-it chairs had woven seats. The frame is made of wood while the seats are woven. I was around 5 or 6 years old when I first sat on such a chair (we used to visit Ammama once in two years or so).

The first incident: I was sitting on this wobbly chair, and eating chakuli ( a snack) when seat caved in! I remember screaming; my mom and uncle came running to the kitchen and pulled me out of that monstrous chair!

Second incident:I was just sitting there, happily licking all the cream from cream biscuits and the next thing I know – I am staring at the roof of the kitchen. This time it was my uncle who came to the rescue.

Third Incident: I was just about to sit when the chair toppled! I decided enough is enough and everybody agreed with me so I was allowed to sit on the dining table for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And guess what I had to use as a stool to climb onto the dining table!! That same old, wobbly monstrous chair!!



Mundane Monday #29

Change is good, they say! From this year, mundane Monday challenges will have a theme! 😀 The theme for the first week of Jan was bottles. I might be a tad bit late again for the challenge but hey, better late than never, right? 

I clicked this photo a couple of minutes ago. If you think the bottle looks nice then that is only because there is kitty in the background. If you think otherwise, keep staring at the photo until you start liking the bottle! 😛

For the aqua baby that I am, water bottle is a must for me! Wherever I am, whatever time it is, I keep drinking lots of water. Kitty is not like me. She only likes to curl up like a fur ball and sleep the whole day!

Mundane Monday #27

If this looks like a 100 teethed monster, then worry not, for it is not a monster. The below image is that of a gerbera bud. The “teeth” that you see are tiny petals..or should I call it petal-lings? And for the math lover in you, I hope you did observe the golden ratio in the bud-ling. 😀
Post submitted for Mundane Monday challenge.