“You will meet your death at 10.12. BEWARE!”

He woke up with a start. He could feel his heart banging in this throat; he was trembling in fear.

“Just a bad dream”, he said.

It was almost daybreak; he could feel the warm sun rays entering his room.

“I need a breath of fresh air.”

He got up from his bed, opened the room window and threw his sweat-soaked shirt into the laundry tub.

“5 am dreams don’t come true do they?”, he asked himself.

“Nah! they don’t.”

He ate corn flakes for breakfast and rushed to the subway station.

“I cannot miss my promotion meeting today. I already feel great about today, nothing can go wrong.”

But the dream was still bothering him somehow.

And then, BANG!

There was a loud explosion; smoke everywhere. He saw people covered in blood. Some were dead, some were crying for help and some were running away from the scene of explosion.

But he was not in pain, nor was he running from the scene.

He was floating; there was white light all around him.

It was 12 minutes past 10.


The curious case of a poisonous housefly

“He died of cyanide poisoning.”

“My master might have lost his family in a recent tragedy but he is not weak-hearted. He wouldn’t have committed suicide.”

“Who said suicide? The poison was in his supper!”

“I was here until supper. Master asked me to retire so I left early. The cook’s been working here for more than a decade and she’s loyal.”

“There is no sign of forced entry nor I found traces of cyanide in the kitchen.”

“Wait… My master was talking about a fly!”

“What fly?”

“A housefly. The doors and windows are shut before sunset. There are no flies around. And not just my master, I too heard a fly buzzing around.”

“Oh no! Not another murder by Jack the Flipper!”

“Jack the what?”

“His M.O is killing by poison. He trains houseflies. Injects them with cyanide and lets them into the house of his victim. The fly then sits on the food and poisons it with cyanide.”

“Oh! There was a dead fly on the keyboard this morning. I  …”

“You… what is it?”

“My son trains houseflies…”

Now we are even!

“So..how’s life?”

“You mean, how am I still alive? “

“Come on, Meg, I thought we were not meant to be together. Was our divorce a mistake?”

“Of course not!”

“Meg! It is pretty hot today, isn’t it! Gosh, I am feeling dizzy.”

“I just jabbed an icicle into your carotid artery. You will slowly bleed to death. The cops will think that it is the handy work of the famous stiletto killer.”

“Why, Meg?”

“Jay, two years ago, you tried to kill me. Now we are even! “



Word Count: 87

Image Credits: Dale Rogerson

Kitty learns to drive!

Kitty turned 2 last month. We cats have nine lives so when I say “Kitty turned 2”, what I really mean is 2×9=18, she turned 18!! So, as a responsible citizen of the cat world, I told her that its high time she learned to drive a car. Mommy is not going to be around forever so kitty should learn to stand on her own feet! She corrects me by saying that cats have paws, not feet! Kids!! Kittens!!

So, I give her my car keys. Before jumping into the plush seats I tell her to trim her nails. I do not want a single scratch on my rat-leather seats, you see! Then, I teach her the ABCs – Accelerator, Brake and Clutch. So off we go, driving slowly.. there is not much traffic so kitty says “Mommy, you know that scene from fast and furious? I want to re-enact that scene” and before I could say no, she pressed hard on the accelerator. After a while, red-and-blue-blinking-lights car, the one that goes “woop woop”, started following us!


Word Count: 174

Image Credits: Enisa



A lunch date!

“John! Come on, hurry up. It’s cloudy out there. ”

“Where are we going, Nina?”

“What do you mean where? It’s Thursday!”

“What’s on Thursday?”

“We have lunch together on Thursdays, remember? Gosh! What is wrong with you, John? Why do you look so dazed and confused!”

“Humph! Let’s go!”

*At La Patisserie*

“Waiter, I would like to order a cinnamon roll, cream tea and tiramisu. John, what do you … John! Stop ogling at that girl!”

“I am not ogling. She looks a lot like someone I once knew!”

“Oh! Come on. She’s your daughter’s age!”

“How can she be of my daughter’s age, Nina? I just turned 16 last month!”

“John! Is this some kind of a joke? ”

“No. It was just yesterday that I met you.. Now what class was it? Chemistry? ”

“We met at the Royal Ball of 1964!”

“Oh come on!! Off with it now! I was born in 1965.”

Why not a commode?

“Daddy, why is there a commode in our store-room? ”

“It was old and leaky so I replaced it with a new one in our bathroom. ”

“So, can I use it as my dining chair? Please daddy!!”

“Son!!! Who uses a commode as a chair? Don’t bring that old and broken commode inside the house! Do you understand?”

“I read about a toilet-themed restaurant where the chairs are actual commodes. I want a chair just like that, daddy! Please!!”

Dad almost faints!!!



Word Count: 82

Image Courtesy: What’s His Name?


Psst: There is a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet Restaurant”. Here’s the wiki link to it. Drinks are served in miniature urinals, seats are actual commodes and food is served in miniature toilet bowls!!! I might be curious but not curious enough to eat in a restaurant like that! What about you? 😉

An Enchanting Garden

“You have a lovely house, Mr. Baker!”

“Wait till you see my garden, Maria.”

“I am sure your garden is… oh my goodness! I have just one word for it – ENCHANTING!”

“Of course it is! But don’t venture into my garden on a new moon night… unless…”

“Nice try, Mr. Baker… There are no such things as ghosts!”

“Come Maria. Let’s have some tea and scones. Cadbury has set a table for us in the garden.”

“Oh there she is! Cynthia! You look haggard! Time to put some pink on those cheeks, girl. Have some Tea.”

“Maria!! Whom are you talking to? Cynthia died two years ago!”



I wrote this story for one of the flash fiction challenges a couple of months ago. Since my old blog is now deleted, I decided to post these stories again, here.

A ‘cooking’ disaster!

I made palak-paneer for dinner the other day and Deepak told me that his mum makes the World’s best palak-paneer! First, there is nothing called “World’s best palak-paneer” and second, when I smell a competition, there is nothing that can stop me!

I went to the kitchen to make some fruit cake. I started by preheating the oven.. and then, my mom called up. I could not wait to complain about Deepak! And the conversation ended two hours later when the smoke alarm went off,my kitchen was on fire and the fire brigade had to be called in!


Word Count: 98

Image Credits: J Hardy Carroll


P.S. : Palak-paneer is an Indian dish made of spinach and cottage cheese.

Upside down frown :)

Mandy was the child of a single parent. He knew that his dad toiled to make ends meet. They lived in a small thatched hut across the village. It was Mandy’s birthday but daddy could do nothing special other than making him a thin-looking oat pancake for breakfast.

There was news that a clown by the name “UPSIDE DOWN FROWN” was in town. He visited houses, left gifts for children and a smiley across the doorway to indicate his visit. Who was he and how did he look was something that nobody knew.

Mandy had heard his teacher talk about the famous children’s novel – Charlie and the chocolate factory… He knew he could not ask daddy for a book. After school, a tired-looking Mandy went home and… that was his best birthday ever, for he saw a smiley on the wall! And guess who was waiting for Mandy inside the house! Mister Willy Wonka himself !


Word Count : 155

Image Courtesy : Grant-Sud