Red and snow

Something feels ‘off’ today. It has been snowing non-stop since Monday and the howling wind seems to be warning me of something. There have been a couple of murders in this area so I keep the doors locked at all times. I hear a knock so I look through the window ; I see a dark-hooded figure. I open the door thinking that it might be someone stranded in the snow… I was a second late to notice a glistening knife in his hand.

Word Count: 83

Image Credits: Dale Rogerson


Treasure Hunt (of sorts!)


Having heard the saying “there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow”, I decided to do some research, follow the rainbow till the end and see if there is actually a pot of gold. The rainbow ended on a white building in the middle of nowhere.

“The pot of gold might be hidden in the basement”, I thought.

There was a strong stench of blood and rotten flesh as I entered the building. “May be it is just a dead rat”, I said to myself.

As I ventured into the basement, the smell of rotten flesh was unbearable. There was blood all over the floor! I was just about to run when … I heard a click. I was pretty sure that the click was that of the safety latch of a gun when… BANG!

“Miss, are you alright?”, said the voice.

“God, is that you?”, I asked!

“No! I am the police. We had information that a psycho-killer was hiding in this building. You were almost his dinner, miss!


Word Count: 173

Image Credits: any1mark66


Web of lies


Jane and Ann meet at a resturant.

“Jane! Congratulations girl! Now come on, show me a photo of your would-be-husband!”

Jane shows Ann a picture of her fiance.

“Jane, You must be kidding! This¬† guy is John and he is my boyfriend!”

“How dare you say such a thing! He is Paul, not John! ”

And while the two ladies are arguing over his real name and identity, the waiter comes over to take their order and ..

“Ladies, how do you know this guy?”

“What do you mean”, they retort angrily.

“Well, his name is Rick,¬† and he is my husband!”


Word Count: 100

Image Credits: Victor and Sarah Potter


Oh! Wonderful life!

I am so happy today! There is nothing else in this whole wide world that I could possibly ask for! Whoever said that men do not understand women was so wrong! Okay, I can at least say that my husband understands me!

The other day I was telling him that I am really stressed and I could use a vacation! It has always been my dream to spend a couple of nights cruising. Calm blue water, squawk of the sea gulls , fresh fish for lunch and salty air! Now that is what I call a vacation!

When I reached home this evening after a tiring day at work, I found an envelope on the table. Inside the envelope was a 4-days-5-nights cruise package for two! My husband said that the cruise trip is my birthday gift in advance. Now tell me, isn’t he such a loving, caring and adorable husband!

Word Count: 150

Image Credits: J.S.Brand

P.S. : My second contribution for this week’s FFFAW. I did write a horror story and then I thought – Do I really have to start the new year with a crime story? So I hope this lovey-dovey mushy story compensates the crime story that I wrote previously.

Meanwhile, this is a piece of fiction. None of it is true ( at least, not for now!)

Seeing is believing

Sam, a retired cop, could not believe that he found his dream home and that too at a dirt-cheap price! A beautiful bungalow right near the port, big boats all around, clear blue water, sea gulls, what else does one want after retirement!

“But something is wrong”, thought Sam.

As days passed by, Sam started feeling weird. It was as if the house was haunted. Many a times he thought he heard someone scream; sometimes he could hear someone chopping something in the kitchen.

As they say ‘once a cop, always a cop’, Sam decided to play detective. He searched the internet for crimes in his area and there it was! His bungalow was once a crime scene. A young couple were murdered. Their chopped up bodies were found in the freezer!


Word Count: 132

Image Credits: J.S.Brand