CFFC : Letter G

What is Popeye’s favorite food? any Guesses? Spinach! Yes, lots and lots of green spinach!   So, let me start with some photos that have a lot of Green in them A Green-looking field with a Green-looking coconut farm in the background! I found this in one of the flower shows. I do not know…

CFFC : fun or flowers

Flowers it is! Lots and lots of them!  Let’s start with a couple of roses  And then, we move on to some chrysanthemums… Followed by a couple of dahlias… And then, some zinnias And how can I not throw in an orchid or two!  Now.. who wants a bouquet? 😉

CFFC: Gardens

Cee’s Fun foto challenge theme for this week is Gardens. I live in the garden city of India – Bangalore so how can I not participate in this challenge!! 😀 Which garden am I going to show you guys today? Lalbagh Botanical garden – Flower shows, Ikebana exhibition, workshops on terrace gardens, mushroom cultivation and…

CFFC : Isolated Subjects

A lonely pony…   Mr. Lonely…. Or is he Mr. Lost? I mean…nobody goes boating on the lawn right?   Why is she hiding her face? What is she doing?   What is she selling??   Who let the monkey out?     Post submitted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Isolated Subjects

CFFC : Sky

Clear blue sky   Dark and Cloudy sky   Not so dark and cloudy sky   Where is the sky??   Post submitted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Sky