CFFC: Any kind of camera or photographer

Gevaert Gevabox


Found this in our ancestral home a couple of years ago. 🙂


Post submitted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.



CFFC : Leaves or Trees

If you were given an option to either eat leaves or climb trees, which would you choose?

Psst. You are allowed to do both. See…, one needs energy to climb a tree and leaves are supposed to be a good source of energy ( Popeye the sailor man, toot toot!)

Enough of shop talk, let’s go tree hopping! (Wow, that sounded monkey-ish!)


This humongous, giant-like <add more adjectives here if you wish> tree is called silk-cotton tree. As the name suggests, the cotton of this tree is used to make silk-like soft and fluffy pillows.


It’s Christmas time! Am I too late in saying this? This good ol’ christmas tree is more than 100 years old and very, very tall! The guide said something about the height of this tree. Since I don’t understand numbers in hindi, I don’t think I got it quite right. Anyways, it did sound something like 168metres.

IMG-20161019-WA0037 (2)

There are a lot of weird stories associated with this tree. People have heard screams and cries around this tree. They say that those who pass by this tree on a new moon night are haunted by the ghost of the lady in pink saree for ten years. If you observe carefully, you can see a paranormal occurrence on the top-left corner.


Loads of Poinsettias.


I might be cheating a bit here. I posted this as a part of WPC but don’t you think it fits in perfectly with this week’s CFFC theme?

The leaf is from a tree called Ficus Krishnae. It does look like a spoon doesn’t it? More like a soup spoon. Spinach soup anyone?

Before I end this post, I would like to say something.




If you did not find anything paranormal in that photo… Please see the photo again on a new moon night. 😉

Birds in the Backyard


Sunbirds are so tiny and hyperactive! These cute little birds are so loud and playful that kitty gets so angry seeing them ; after all , her ‘prey’ teasing chirps “catch me if you can”!

Purple-rumped sunbird


Purple sunbird




Indian Golden Oriole

The other day, I ran out (literally) to photograph chirpy sunbirds and I saw this yellow birdy sitting on a branch. On googling about it, I found out that it is called Indian Golden Oriole. I have never heard its cry, looks like it is a very silent and shy bird.




Red-Whiskered Bulbul

These birds are very cute with a ponytail-like-thingy on their head.


Here’s a B/W version of Bulbul.



Black Drongo:

He sits on a tree far far away!

I have never got a good glimpse of this bird! They are very shy and I don’t think they like the presence of human beings in their surroundings. The other day, I was on usual evening walk and this guy was sitting on a cable, and as I moved forward, he flew away! (It goes without saying that I had no plans to climb the electric pole to get a better look of this bird!)



White-cheeked Barbet

These pretty little green birds are my new neighbors. I hear their cry “kootroo kootroo” all the time.





Photographing birds is not as easy as it sounds. By the time I zoom in on them, they either fly away or turn to the other side! May be they are just camera-shy!