365 days of Flower Photography: Day 199

5 days of Gaillardias

Day #4

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“You will meet your death at 10.12. BEWARE!”

He woke up with a start. He could feel his heart banging in this throat; he was trembling in fear.

“Just a bad dream”, he said.

It was almost daybreak; he could feel the warm sun rays entering his room.

“I need a breath of fresh air.”

He got up from his bed, opened the room window and threw his sweat-soaked shirt into the laundry tub.

“5 am dreams don’t come true do they?”, he asked himself.

“Nah! they don’t.”

He ate corn flakes for breakfast and rushed to the subway station.

“I cannot miss my promotion meeting today. I already feel great about today, nothing can go wrong.”

But the dream was still bothering him somehow.

And then, BANG!

There was a loud explosion; smoke everywhere. He saw people covered in blood. Some were dead, some were crying for help and some were running away from the scene of explosion.

But he was not in pain, nor was he running from the scene.

He was floating; there was white light all around him.

It was 12 minutes past 10.