‘World Map’ Challenge

After being “long time no see” for two weeks, I am back with a quirky post! I might have been a lazy bum for a couple of days…or weeks..or months.. or decades…  I was on a small vacation last week and I am going on an another one in a few days!  I think I need a hundred more vacations. Anybody planning a trip to Mars? Now that they have found water on Mars, we do not have to worry about making soup or tea on Mars. 😀 Who wants Lemonade? Raise your hands. 😀 wave your hands in the air like you don’t care… (you are supposed to dance when I say this!)

So here’s what Victoria’s World Map Challenge is all about:


  1. Choose your dream spot destination (never been before!).
  2. Explain shortly – why would you like to visit the place? (you can add the photo)
  3. Pick any literary hero or author and create a story, flash or poem about visiting that dream-destination.
  4. The style and the genre of the writing – any. Link to the blog that nominated you. Bend the rules if you have to…
  5. Spread the challenge: nominate 3-5 blogs.


Choose your dream spot: SINGAPORE! I am so obsessed with Singapore. I think I was a Singaporean in my past life. Hey, wait… I remember my past life. I was an alien on Planet OMG766444. Planet OMG766444 was a very lively and happy place – one could see trees walking on the pavement, whales drinking coffee in the cafe, tigers ironing clothes and we monkeys, as usual, were up to monkey business.

Let’s not get carried away here. So where was I? Singapore… I am in India right now, but I was talking about Singapore.

Dream Spot destination: Check


Why would I like to visit Singapore? : Like I said before, I really feel a strong attraction to that place. Maybe it is my past life. Or maybe, my knight in shining armor is sending me telepathic messages but it is somehow still garbled. Maybe the sun rises in the east in Singapore. Maybe the sky is blue in Singapore. Maybe Singapore looks like Singapore…


Pick any literary hero or author: Hmm… I don’t want to pick Poirot here. I mean, I am a huge fan of Poirot but I really do not want to go on a date with an old man. And, I am not a fan of ze syrop, Mon Ami.

Jack Reacher is a handsome fella but I am not in a mood to take him on a date today. Maybe next time, Reacher. Or maybe, NEVER! Never go back!

P.S.: Never Go Back is one of Jack Reacher series.

I do not want to pick Rumpelstiltskin either. Nor Blue Beard. Heroes or not, they do have a nice name. But NO is a NO.

I should stop beating around the bush now. Anyways…there are no bushes around here so…

I choose The DOCTOR! So here’s the conversation between me and The Doctor on our first date.


Me: (blushing) So….Where do you want to go? We could visit The Gardens by the Bay and then visit the Merlion.

The Doctor: Rekha… Did I tell you about the Dancing Gardens of Barbadian? I was almost trampled by a tap-dancing giant tree.

Me: Yawn… How about the Universal Studios?

The Doctor: Did I tell you about the biggest theatre – Gladioli? Gladioli is also a planet. They have their own versions of Hercules and the boar.

Me: I heard that Fish Head curry is a must try. (cheerfully…) Let’s decide our next place to visit over a bowl of Fish Head Curry and noodles.

We go to a restaurant and order Fish Head Curry and noodles.

Me: The Singapore Flyer sounds interesting. What say?

The Doctor: Did you know that the eye of a fish is not actually its eye?

Me: Then what is it? A kidney?

The Doctor: Oh come on. Don’t be cross with me. The eye of a fish is the gateway to the parallel world. We have an old saying in Gallifrey: “Do not stare into the eye on a fish, for you will be transported to a place far away.”

Me: (fuming) Doctor, you know what. I know where you will be transported in the next five minutes.

The Doctor: And where is that, my dear?

Me: Pours the Fish Head Curry on the Doctors head and walks away.

As I walked out of the restaurant, I ran into someone. That someone was my knight in shining armor. He and I visited all the places in Singapore – The Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Night Safari, Jurong bird park, Sentosa islands and the Universal Studios.

Fast Forward five years …

A doctor has lost his mind. He lost the love of his life – Rekha is happily married to her knight in shining armor. The Doctor is once again all alone – no River Song nor Rekha. The poor fella decides to go back to Gallifrey and that is the end of this heart-wrenching love story. Please do not cry…


Everything I wrote above is a piece of fiction. But if you are in Singapore right now and you see my knight in shining armor, please let me know. The poor fella is still sending me garbled messages. Even the Enigma machine cannot decode his message!


Thank you for reading this post. 😀

Thank you, Victoria for the prompt. ❤



24 thoughts on “‘World Map’ Challenge

  1. lol love the interesting prompt and your humorous response … doctor deserved to drown in fish heads talking over you that way! So glad your finally happily married to your knight, good ending 😉


  2. Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    About the knight in the shining armour + a poor fella, named Doc + our cool blogger Rekha who is dreaming to visit… mmm, time to read and find out 😂✌️


      1. Sorry couldn’t answer at once, packing for a trip. And nope, not to Singapore 😂 bcz I think you should def save the love of your life & write a book about it (save him – by visiting Singapore & finding him ✌️💕😉)


      2. I need to spend more than a month in Singapore, roaming on the streets, looking for my knight in shining armour. Then comes the chemistry, physics, metallurgy, biology and all those words ending with Gy. And then, a post. Too much work, isn’t it. 😉 It’s better I just write pretty little fairytales about it and wait for my glass shoe or prince on a white horse or.. a knight in shining armour. 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I just hope he’s not in a cage in the zoo. 😂 I go all the way there to find that my knight in shining armour is an orangutan. 😱😱


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