‘Best Detectives of all Time’ Challenge

You are a private investigator. You have worked for Mrs. Sally Canetti during the last 3 months – chasing her cheating husband. Write a short note to her (on the following photo). 



Mrs. Canetti,

 I hope you saw the picture that I have sent along with this note. The girl in the picture is your ex-husband’s present wife’s brother’s neighbor’s cat’s owner’s sister-in-law’s niece – Clara. She had a valid reason to cheat on your husband you see… Twenty years ago, you kidnapped dognapped Clara’s dog Mr.Huggly-doo and ever since then, Clara has been trying to get even with you. I also learned something interesting. it seems your neighbor Tom is spending a lot of time with you than with his wife. Do I smell fried fish in here?

P.S.:  If you want me to keep quiet about Tom, then remember that my P.I charges are going to be double than what I quoted initially. And yeah, please send me a batch of your freshly baked peanut brittle along with the cheque. Thanks!


Huckledoobie Goof, P.I


Pick 3 best detectives of all time (movies and literature). Add the pictures/gifs if you like. Explain shortly your choices


Hercule Poirot

Poirot is my all-time favorite detective. With an egg-shaped head and a funny mustache, Poirot always makes use of his grey cells.


Not a dialog or excerpt from any book, the below story was written by me for a flash fiction prompt.
Hercule Poirot: Waiter! What is this? (Pointing at the eggs)
Waiter: Eggs, Sir. Boiled, as you asked.
Hastings: Good Lord, Poirot! What is wrong with the egg?
Hercule Poirot: This is not a perfectly shaped egg, Hastings! Poirot would eat nothing but a perfectly round egg!!


Sherlock Holmes (played by Jeremy Brett)

I am going to be a bit partial here and say that Sherlock, as played by Jeremy Brett is my favorite. Although, Cumberbatch is good too, Jeremy Brett better. 🙂



Vera Stanhope

Not many people have heard of detective Vera Stanhope. The book series – Vera is written by Ann Cleeves ( She is also the author of Shetland series – another detective series). Set in the beautiful NorthUmberland, Vera is a slow-paced detective series – Vera solves the case as well as fights her inner demons.



I haven’t listed the above-mentioned detectives in any particular order, as all three are my favorites.

Post written for RayNotBradbury’s Best Detectives of All Time Challenge.



22 thoughts on “‘Best Detectives of all Time’ Challenge

    1. Ah, finally someone who has watched Vera. 🙂 I like the way she’s portrayed in the series. Shetland is also good, after all, it’s written by the same author. 🙂
      The letter was really interesting, wasn’t it, Kate? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it was hilarious, you have a GSOH! Shetland is wild and beautiful … I like her and Columbus, she is slightly a female version of him … and we have Det. Bonaparte here plus now Jay … First Australian coppers who do outback work, murder, trafficking, etc


      2. I haven’t seen Columbus, but I have heard of it. I liked Mr.Monk too. Eccentric fella, but it was good. Now I am binge watching pysch, it is also good. 🙂 There’s a hindi TV series by the name C.I.D, it was initially good, but now it’s lost its charm. Btw, What is GSOH?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. great sense of humour 🙂
        Yes to Mr Monk too, like him but only seen a couple of his shows.
        You’ve got a good discussion going here 🙂


    1. Please do, sir. Vera is an interesting series set in the Northumberland. How Vera fights with her eccentricities and dark memories while solving a case is interesting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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