Upside down frown :)

Mandy was the child of a single parent. He knew that his dad toiled to make ends meet. They lived in a small thatched hut across the village. It was Mandy’s birthday but daddy could do nothing special other than making him a thin-looking oat pancake for breakfast.

There was news that a clown by the name “UPSIDE DOWN FROWN” was in town. He visited houses, left gifts for children and a smiley across the doorway to indicate his visit. Who was he and how did he look was something that nobody knew.

Mandy had heard his teacher talk about the famous children’s novel – Charlie and the chocolate factory… He knew he could not ask daddy for a book. After school, a tired-looking Mandy went home and… that was his best birthday ever, for he saw a smiley on the wall! And guess who was waiting for Mandy inside the house! Mister Willy Wonka himself !


Word Count : 155

Image Courtesy : Grant-Sud


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