365 days of Flower Photography: Day 152

DSC_0325 (3)

Oil on canvas #11 and more…

I painted a couple of canvases over the past two months. As I have already mentioned in the “share your world” post, my friends decided to pay for my paintings 🙂 

I painted a total of four canvases – two cherry blossoms, two buddhas. P wanted a half-buddha face painting for her meditation room and a cherry blossom painting to match with her red carpet. A wanted a Buddha too – a silhouette of Buddha to be precise. And, I just happened to show pictures of my paintings to my lab mates when S said “Rekha gift me this painting on my birthday”. And S got an advance birthday gift 😀 (can it be called a birthday gift? She paid for the paintings) 

S’s birthday gift 

Paintings that I made for P

A’s Painting

That’s all folks ! 


Fone Free Sunday #3

Hello everybody!

So how did my fone free sunday go? GOOD! 😀

I managed not to check my phone for any Whatsapp pings ,WordPress notifications or emails. My day was just like it usually is. Sometimes I feel that whether I have a phone or not, it hardly makes any difference. See, the phone is always on silent. I do not receive calls for two reasons

1) Phone is always on silent

2) Phone is always on silent

Over the past three years, I have changed a lot when it comes to using technology, or should I say ‘social media’? Social media sounds better I guess. I was one of those who updated Facebook quite often, checked Whatsapp/send messages regularly and so on and so forth and what have you! And now? I am not on any social media . WordPress and Whatsapp are not social media platforms right? I use Whatsapp to bug my brother and WordPress to blog (No surprise in that)!

Why am I talking about all this instead of fone free sunday? Well, I really do not know what to update because there are no updates! It was just a normal day. I ate, read, watched TV and all the usual things just like any normal human being. It is good to be normal sometimes, don’t you agree? 😉

Meanwhile, it is a somewhat special day tomorrow. No, it is not my birthday nor am I turning 75 tomorrow!

I was working as a research assistant in one of the best colleges in Bangalore. And tomorrow, is my last working day. I started working sometime in June this year and I made really good friends in the college. And saying Alvida is going to be tough. But I have to move on right? I am taking a break so that I can study, and join a college as a student. Life gave me fruit basket and I have finished all the fruits (I made fruit salad and smoothies!) so now it is time I work hard and move forward in life.

Okay, that doesn’t mean I am saying goodbye to blogosphere! I still have almost 150+days left in the 365 day photo challenge and I am not going to GIVE UP. (Typically Aries mentality you see!) That reminds me, I wrote a post on why Aries are the best or something like that (Please do not comment if you think otherwise!!) on my old blog. I am planning to write something similar again. Just saying – expect some crazy wackalicious posts in the future!

Now, coming back to the 4 books that I was reading, well, Newton’s law of inertia (of rest) – they are all resting on my table since Saturday!

Meanwhile, I managed to complete the story for that competition I spoke about in my previous post. Phew! Writing a 1500-word or more story is no piece of cake! As I told you all before, I changed the plot of the story twice (or was it thrice??) And finally, I deleted the whole thing! And started all over again. A new story!!

Initially this was my story – (in brief!)

Childhood sweethearts, who fight for a piece of Mysorepak; both are now married; the guy turns out to be a mama’s boy ( or as my best friend M calls it – Kaleja ka tukda); the momster-in-law wants dowry and mama’s boy supports mama ;girl dies in an accident; she returns back as a ghost and haunts momster-in-law and mama’s boy… and I was supposed to end the story on a positive note! It did end on a positive note, right? Alright, I made up the ghost part and everything else! But if the above idea dings some bell in your brain, go ahead and write the story. AND DO NOT FORGET TO THANK ME unless you want the ghost in my story to haunt you!

I cannot discuss about the story that I submitted irrespective of whether I win or not. If I win, my story will be published in a book! YAY!

That’s all Folks!