365 days of Flower Photography: Day 152

DSC_0325 (3)

Oil on canvas #11 and more…

I painted a couple of canvases over the past two months. As I have already mentioned in the “share your world” post, my friends decided to pay for my paintings 🙂 

I painted a total of four canvases – two cherry blossoms, two buddhas. P wanted a half-buddha face painting for her meditation room and a cherry blossom painting to match with her red carpet. A wanted a Buddha too – a silhouette of Buddha to be precise. And, I just happened to show pictures of my paintings to my lab mates when S said “Rekha gift me this painting on my birthday”. And S got an advance birthday gift 😀 (can it be called a birthday gift? She paid for the paintings) 

S’s birthday gift 

Paintings that I made for P

A’s Painting

That’s all folks !