Together forever!

My brother and I love to go on long cycling trips. They say twins do everything together. True that! We are inseparable. We are roommates, best friends for life and siblings.  I cannot imagine my life without him! My life would have been incomplete if not for him; a void that could never be filled. Those petty fights we had as kids, our first heart-break, our first love (our girlfriends were twins)…I have never felt lonely, nor has he. We have always been there for each other and we know we can count on each other for anything and everything! Some relationships are definitely meant to last forever.


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21 thoughts on “Together forever!

  1. because this closeness is typical of some twins I often think a relationship with one would be quite difficult as they would always be closer to their sibling … grew up with identical triplets but haven’t dated any 😦

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      1. these boys were super close so when one was killed in a car crash in his teens the other two never quite recovered .. it was like their soul was damaged or a bit was missing 😦


      2. Yes. I heard that happens. And if one gets tummy ache, the other one gets it too. One of my cousins have twin daughters. If one cries, the other also starts crying for no reason 😂😂 though identical, they are different. The elder twin is silent and intelligent while the younger twin is a show off. I wish I had a twin brother, less competition you see 😉😂

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