Taking a tiny break


I will be taking a tiny break for the next few days. Since my 365 flower photography posts are scheduled, you will find a post from on your reader everyday. However, I will not be active in blogosphere – I will not be able to read your posts nor reply to your comments. I am down with a severe eye infection and the pain is unbearable. I am asked not to strain my eyes, not to go out and have been advised complete rest for a week (atleast). I will be back sometime next week. And thank you in advance to all those who would leave a comment after reading this post. 😀


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Woollard says:

    All the best for a speedy recovery!


  2. Goodreads says:

    I hope that you get better soon.


  3. Orange says:

    Please take care. Take proper rest and get well soon.


  4. mz&cho says:

    Take care and get well soon.


  5. Hope you feel better soon Rekha and give your eyes plenty of rest xxx


  6. Get Well Soon Di!!😇😇


  7. Raj says:

    Take care Rekha.. dont hurt your eyes further… Only when you are feeling better get back… 💗


  8. AG says:

    Take Care…


  9. Dahlia says:

    Get well soon!


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