Mundane Monday #23


Any guesses as what this might be??

It’s a radio. I am guessing it’s a vacuum tube radio – correct me if I am wrong. The one we have at home looks in a better state than this one. May be someday I need to go to the attic, fighting with all the spiders and  unknown monsters on my way and click a picture or two of the radio that we have!! 😉

On the left corner, you can see reflection of a camera flash. I actually zoomed in to see if that was me and yep… it is me! Since I am submitting this photograph for mundane monday, my ghostly reflection is allowed in the photograph right?



25 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #23

      1. I know Fort Kochi a bit better than other places. So it will be better for me to do a photowalk here. And there is a lot of interesting thing in a smaller area, in Fort Kochi.


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