Remembering Louise Hay…

A blessed soul

Gem of a person

An angel on earth

She gave hope to all those

Who felt hopeless

She motivated all those

Who felt demotivated

She gave courage to all those

Who felt dejected

Positive thoughts and positive affirmations

Can change your life

Free you from any dis-ease

Was her motto

She introduced us to the universe of

Infinite possibilities

She inspired millions of people

She changed lives of many

She brought about positivity and love in everybody’s life

She taught us to love our enemy and most importantly,

Love ourselves first

She taught us to forgive ourselves

She taught us to accept who we are

And the way we are

You will be missed, dear Louise Hay,

You will be missed…


Taking responsibility

The only person responsible for your life is not your parent or your partner or your friend or your neighbor! It’s YOU! Yes, you read it right. The only person that’s responsible for your life is you!

The day you stop blaming others for everything that happens to you or in your life, your life changes. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility. Now, what do I mean by “start taking responsibility”? It doesn’t mean you blame yourself. NO! Nor does it mean you have to punish yourself for all the things that went wrong! A BIG NO!

Instead of being a ‘victim’, see yourself from a third person’s view. Instead of blaming yourself or him or her or them, think about the circumstance, think about what went wrong and what could be changed to make things better. Think what you would do if certain things would suddenly change in your life. It doesn’t matter what happens to you in your life, but what matters the most is how you react to it. If you feel dejected, rejected, depressed, sad and you feel like everybody is against you and nothing is working out – you will never be able to solve your problem.

If you blame others for your life situation, what do you think the solution would be? Change them? Can you ask them to change themselves? Now, what if you take responsibility? What happens? You can change, right? If you have been around a lot of negativity, try thinking something positive. Laugh, go out and meet new people, socialize! Well, isn’t that a change?

If you blame others for everything that happens to you, then it means you are not a part of that ‘problem’. So now it means that you cannot be a part of the ‘solution’. The first step in taking responsibility is being aware of the ‘problem’.

Ask yourself the following questions :

Are you blaming others for all the problems in your life?

What if you stopped blaming others for all the problems in your life?

What if you start taking responsibility for all that happens in your life?

What if you see your situation as a protagonist and not as a victim? Can you arrive at a solution?

What if you knew you always had a choice and you could have made a decision but FEAR stopped you from making that decision? Are you ready to face that fear so that you can move ahead in life?

What things can you change so that your life gets better than what it is right now?