Path of love

“Grandma, you cannot climb these steps anymore, let’s take the bridge.”

“No my child, I prefer to go by these steps. They bring back memories of olden days when Tony and I used to play here.”

“Who is Tony?”

“Ah Tony! The most handsome lad in our street. I was so smitten by him and he, by me. We were too young to understand the meaning of love. ”

“What happened to Tony, grandma?”

“Those were tough times, my child. Tony enlisted in the army. I never saw him again. How I wish I could see him one last time before …”

“Grandma, are you talking about Tony Williams? The old man who owns a candy store in London?”

“Is he young, tall, fair Β and has blue eyes?”

“Blue eyes, yes. But young? He’s old! ”

“Ah! I should pay a visit to the candy store sometime. May be, he is my Tony.”


Word Count : 150

Image Credits: J.S. Brand


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  1. So so lovely!
    It would be amazing if you would write a romantic encounter between the two πŸ˜›πŸ’™
    A very well written post, something out of the box! βœ”


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