Raj has donned his “I-AM-A-PHOTOGRAPHY-TEACHER” hat. I am a huge fan of his photography. If you haven’t checked his blog yet, I suggest you do it (after reading this post!) He’s recently come up with this initiative known as “Learn Photography” where he gives photography tips and tricks and as a bonus, you get to do some homework too! 😉

Every photograph has a story behind it.  Click at the right time and you have a beautiful photograph and a story to tag along with it. Unless you are like me, so awestruck by something that you just stand there with our mouth open and then someone has to nudge you, asking you to “click the moment”.



This is what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. There were a lot of pigeons pecking something, and all of a sudden, whoosh! They all fly! And there I was, standing with a camera in my hand and going woooww at this wonderful sight. And my mum said “Oh well! I thought you were waiting for the right moment to shoot.” By the time I clicked, well… I think the picture says it all!


Talking of perspective, getting the right shot at the right time, here’s a photo taken at one of the churches in Goa.

DSC_0240 (2)

Goa is a paradise. There are beaches, temples, churches, good food, wine, sweets, shopping and everything else!

The above photo was taken near the entrance of one of the famous churches in Goa – St Francis Xavier Church. If you look closely, you can see a group of friends laughing over something, girls excited about clicking selfies (I saw them at St. Augustine too), a father and daughter duo walking hand-in-hand and a few lazing around. As I walked towards the building, I found a couple of egrets pecking around, a few honeymooners clicking selfies and few jobless tourists like me roaming around.

What story does the above photograph depict? Life in Goa – there’s fun, love and joy.


P.S. : Raj, I really do not know if you would consider this as an entry so I choose to wait for your green signal and then create a pingback.


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  1. both are really great shots Rekha, I prefer the pigeons because I prefer nature anytime .. as an ex-pat who lived over there i always had the impression that Goa was gunga heaven so I never bothered to visit .. your photo tells a different story 🙂


    1. Thanks Kate. 😀 I went to Goa with mum and friends. So curfew time was 6pm. We were told not to go out after sunset 😂 and, apart from all the booze and beaches, Goa has a lot of temples. 😊 And people who were with me wanted to visit temples and not beaches, so I think I was with a pretty decent group 😉

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      1. Haha. I have Always been a nerd and would continue to remain so – Newton’s first law of inertia..err.. nerdiness? 😉
        I do not like the idea of booze, party and everything else. Old school perhaps 😉😂😂😂

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      2. no me either which is why I never ventured there .. it’s kinda expected of us farangi .. but would have a beach walk and meet my friend’s elderly uncle altho I think he might have died by now .. sweet dreams I need to go sleep 🙂


      3. thanks for that correction, I’ve heard it too many times but of course never seen the word written .. had a good sleep now off to volunteer 🙂


  2. First of all thanks for the “hat” 😇 Rekha!! But seriously .. no I am not a teacher.. I am just an enthusiast that’s all…coming back to the pictures.. they are perfect for the entry.. that’s what I wanted from people. Now about the pictures and your vision..
    Pic 1: I think you were fraction of second late, but still a wonderful capture, nothing to dislike about the picture.. I would give a caption “Freedom” it shows the birds flying at their will.. Although it could have been zoomed a bit. Not too much, because we still need the earth below to show up. That gives picture a perspective.
    Pic 2: Its a sharp picture of Goa’s famous churches. I can see tourists, But to see the story you are talking about (particulars about tourists), we need some more zoom. Currently anyone looking at the picture is going to look at over all picture, They will see the trees and the church, very little notice on the tourists…so it shows up as “Photo of the church” or a “Landscape” .. Also you need to straighten the horizon (tilt)

    Please note both the above pictures are beautiful, my comment is part of the “Learning” we are tying to do..
    Thank you

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    1. Thank you so much, Raj 😊
      I ll keep that in mind, zoom and alignment. I sometimes click the photos with a bit of tilt, perhaps I need to learn to hold my camera straight . Next time, better entries for the challenge 😊😀

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      1. No problems…some advanced cameras have level gauge.. if your camera allows you to add “Grid Lines” to view finder add them.. You can also correct the levels in post processing too. Cheers!


      2. I think my camera has that option of grid lines . I remember doing something with the grid line settings. I need to check again. The problem is I have astigmatism, so I can’t see if there is a slight tilt. As in, I still see it as straight. Thanks again, Raj 🙂🙂

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  3. Stories are told beautifully through your photos, Rekha! So wonderful we can learn together. I should have mine ready soon. 🙂


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