Mundane Monday #18

Time for outside view of the glass house.

DSC_0141 (2)

Those tiny black specks on the roof are pigeons. Remember those pink, yellow and blue umbrellas you spotted in last week’s MMC? Can you see them in this photo?


Post submitted for Mundane Monday Challenge.


17 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #18

  1. Nice picture of the glass house. So you kept your promise by posting this picture. 😉
    Well I have a small suggestion since its an MMC entry. This is one small trick to make most of the pictures look better in an instant. 😉
    Most of the time its a good idea to keep the horizon, horizontal. I think that way it is easier to connect with the image. You can use any small image editor to level the image. Even instagram will do. I use picasa(I am not sure you can still download it online). Hope this tip helps.


    1. Thanks Jithin 😊
      Yes, I usually do that for most pictures. This one looked too cropped when I aligned it . Parts of the glass House were cropped out so I decided to keep it as such. Thanks for the tip Jithin. I will use it for future MMCs and other photos 😊😊

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