365 days of flower photography : Day 61

It might appear a bit out of focus but this photo is very special… Why? This is the first photo I clicked from my DSLR, three years ago. 😀 Advertisements

Mundane Monday #22

Please sit down. What do you wish to drink – Tea or Coffee?   This photo was clicked at the Alvares’ House, Loutolim, Goa. Not a very plush sofa but looks pretty comfy. 😀   Post submitted for Mundane Monday Challenge.  

Breathing Space!

Rule of thirds -this is something I learned a year ago. That is helping me click better photographs. This week, or rather last week, Raj Guru ( not the one from adventures of Tenali 😉 ) asked us to experiment with Rule of thirds/breathing space.   EXIF data : ISO Speed : 1/400 Exposure Time…

The painter’s muse

“What do you want to be when you grow up, little Akaash?” “An artist!” ” No ways! You are going to be a doctor, just like your daddy!” “My daddy was an artist. I want to grow up to be an artist too. He was one of the best artists in India. ” “Oh yes,…