365 days of Flower Photography : Day 18





51 thoughts on “365 days of Flower Photography : Day 18

      1. Well Shalini, even I spent many sleepless nights, this year and last year. I gave an entrance exam this year…! I usually slept for 4 hours on normal days.. Lol! Never thought I would tell this to someone 😛 we (me and my classmates) used to lie to eachother about sleeping for 7-8 hours 😂😂😛🙈

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      2. You should be proud that you sacrificed sleep and gave your best to your exams.. So I am happy for you.. When are your results and entrance exam for which field of study??


      3. Haha. I thought I would never write any exam after passing out from engineering college. And here I am now, trying to pass competitive exams 😂😂 I can’t work in IT. Too much of stress and job insecurity.

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