365 days of Flower Photography : Day 12



12 thoughts on “365 days of Flower Photography : Day 12

      1. Bwahahahah….wo to lagi rehti hai..😂😂
        Par Abhi toh Mai virtually Marigold ki sundar mehak soongh rahi thi…
        *Sniffs some more*😉😉😂


      2. Acha 😉😉😉 marigold has a bittery smell right? 🤔 I don’t remember if it’s the small variety or this one. These yellow and orange (from prev post) were at home. We kept the pots on terrace, it was looking so beautiful. Around 10 pots full of marigolds 😊😊

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      3. I love their smell!!! I think the small one’s.
        You know, the one’s which are used to beautify altars/God’s statues?
        Oh wow!!
        My mom is a big garden enthusiast…we too have many plants and flowers at our backyard..


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