Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflecting



Setting sun

     painting the sky

         with hues of crimson


DSCN1865 (2)
sunset @ Kochi Port


Glittering star

casting a reflection on

still water surface

DSCN1860 (2)
Sunset @Fort Kochi


Majestic houseboats 

backwaters of Kerala

God’s Own Country


DSCN2069 (2)
Houseboats in Alleppey

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflecting

  1. Ah I have very fond and outrageously humorous memories of the brighter coloured house boats on Lake Dal in Kashmir … those were the days!


    1. I have photos of the dal lake, but dint find any suitable for this week’s photo challenge. 😀
      I have plans to go on a tour in the near future… Three years since I went anywhere. 😀

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      1. I went there three years ago. I will send you a mail with few photos I clicked during my visit. I think soon after my visit, there were floods there. I do have plans to visit – mostly Leh and Jammu.

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