Tuesday Photo Challenge : RGB

This week’s theme is really a challenge! By now, you all must be knowing that I do a lot of flower photography.

Red flower – Easy to find one!

Green and Blue flower??? I managed to find a blue flower from my humongous collection of photographs. But green… ???

May be not a flower, but something related to a garden. What is it? Scroll down to see it 😀



DSC_0024 (2)






DSC_0015 (3)


Don’t tell me that RGB stands for …







DSC_0126 (2)



and Black-eyed Susan (also known as Rudbeckia)



Post submitted for Tuesday Photo challenge : RGB


CFFC : Autumn – Metal

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Autumn – Metal


In the olden days, when electricity was almost non-existent, most of the cooking and heating was done using firewood.

This vessel is known as Bhaan and is used to heat water. (for bathing)

DSC_0047 (2)
Loutolim, Goa

There were two of these in my gran’s place. It takes one hell of a time to heat water but once the water gets heated up, it stays hot for a long time.


Back in those days, steamers were used instead of pressure cookers. This is one such steamer, used exclusively for steaming different varieties of idlis. It is called a pedavan.

DSC_0051 (2)
Loutolim, Goa

We have a pedavan at home but it’s made of steel. The idlis turn out soft and fluffy when steamed in a pedavan. 😀

NOTE: Bhaan and pedavan are Konkani terms. I do not know the English translation nor I think there is any equivalent English word for it as these vessels are used only in the Konkan Coast.


Thomas the Tank Engine 😀

DSCN2302 (2)
Railway Museum, Mysore

Tuesday Photo Challenge : Mystery

What can be more mysterious than this photo?


These flowers are called Torenium. What is mysterious about this photo? I haven’t done any editing. And the actual flowers look a lot different than the ones in the above photo. How did this happen is a mystery! May be my camera shook… May be there was ghost passing by when I clicked this photo… You never know!

This is how Toreniums actually look like :

DSC_0014 (2)


Orchids are rare and exotic variety of flowers. But there is something about orchids that make them mysterious.



DSC_0308 (2)


Post submitted for Dutch goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge : Mystery

Mundane Monday #7


My dame has lost her shoe;

My master has lost his fiddle stick,

and knows not what to do.



I do not know if this guy’s dame lost her shoe but I was more scared of him than he of me! There were a lot of hens around, going cluck cluck cluck and here was this guy, showing off!


After clicking this photo,  he gave me a “Leave my hens alone, they are all mine!” look. 😀



Photo submitted for Mundane Monday Challenge.