Tuesday Photo Challenge – curve

It’s pi day today. Happy 3.1416! Or should I say 3.1417? 😀

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is curve! 

Every year, during December, Nilgiris – one of the famous cake shop outlet in South India, hosts a cake exhibition in Bangalore. 

Along with the cakes that are kept for display, there are many stalls that sell everything from candy to clothes! I came across this decor, it’s a light fixture made of fibre. 

Notice the curves! These lights can be easily dismantled. Pretty colorful isn’t it?

Now that I have mentioned cakes, here’s one of the cakes that were at display in the exhibition. 

Photography was strictly prohibited! And I sincerely adhered to that rule 😀😀
Post submitted for dutchgoesthephoto’s Tuesday photo challenge.


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