Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

The Basilica of Bom Jesus or Basilica do Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in Goa. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, a Navarrese-Basque Roman Catholic missionary. The church is located in Old Goa, which was the capital of Goa during the Portuguese rule.

Construction work on the church began in 1594 and was completed in May 1605; it was consecrated by the archbishop Dom Fr. Alexio de Menezes.


Basilica of Bom Jesus, view from the entrance



Basilica of Bom Jesus, view from the side


ornamented entrance of the church


The Basilica is one of the oldest churches in Goa. The floor is of marble. Apart from the elaborate gilded altars, the interior of the church is simple.






The mausoleum of St. Xavier was designed by the 17th century Florentine sculptor Giovanni Battista Foggini. It took ten years to complete. The casket containing the body is made of silver. The holy relics of  the saint are displayed once in every ten years during the anniversary of the saint’s death.


mausoleum of St. Xavier


mortal remains of St. Xavier


The church also holds paintings of scenes taken from the life of St. Francis Xavier.








Landscape and Rooftop garden, Lalbagh

Lalbagh Botanical gardens is one of the most popular tourist destination in the city of Bengaluru. Apart from being known for its Glass House and flower shows, Lalbagh also hosts a variety of other exhibitions like fruit and wine mela and Ikebana to name a few.

In Oct. 2015, Lalbagh hosted an exhibition show casing around 20 different ideas for landscape and rooftop gardening. Ornamental plants and flowering plants such as tiger lilies and azaleas were the main attraction in this exhibition.



do you wish to book a table for four?


or do you prefer something serene?



pink is the new green!


there were few elephants


along with some tiger lilies


and then came the azaleas


caught a couple of lilies lurking around a lamp post


these herons created a quiet ruckus


found a few pots hanging in the air


and then, there were more…


finally some silent spectators trying to make a difference







Lalbagh Flower Show Jan 2017

Lalbagh or Lalbagh botanical gardens, meaning The Red Garden in English, is a well-known botanical garden in Bengaluru, India. Known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bengaluru, Lalbagh houses a large number of tropical plants, a lake, few species of birds and a Glass house where the biannual flower show on Republic day (26th Jan.) and Independence day (15th Aug.) is hosted.


Every flower show has a special theme, usually famous buildings/landmarks in India. A selection committee decides the theme every year. This year, the options available to the committee were The stone chariot, Hampi and Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur. Gol Gumbaz, the mausoleum of Mohammad Adil Shah, Bijapur was selected as the theme.


The main theme is usually housed in the Glass house. Along with the main theme, many varieties of flowers like coxcombs, chrysanthemums, begonias and other ornamental plants are also placed in the Glass house.






The work for this floral decor starts a week or two before the actual flower show. Many varieties of roses from across various parts of Karnataka are brought to the botanical gardens and arranged. Along with roses, chrysanthemums, begonias, gerberas are few of the flowers that forms a part of this decor.






The other attractions in the flower show this year included the Cymbidium Orchids from Sikkim. Also know as boat orchids, one could see a wide range of colors – pink, yellow, white and lime-green to name a few.

cymbidium orchids


Lalbagh was definitely in full bloom for the 205th flower show! Few of the other attractions on the way to Glass house :

A floral decor made of begonias


a floral peacock



“Gimme the flower power” butterflies…






A closer look at one of the cymbidium orchids


Tis the season for Love

Valentine’s day is around the corner and there’s red everywhere! Red is the color of passion, energy and action. Red is used to express love, as in Valentine’s day.


What else is special about Valentine’s day? Roses!
Roses, one of the most popular flowers in the world, are known for their color, sweet fragrance and many other attributes.


“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”


PINK ROSE: “Thank You” 

Perfect way to honor a friendship on Valentine’s day. Pink roses show happiness, grace, appreciation and admiration.




YELLOW ROSE: “We are friends and I care about you”

Another way to honor friendship. Yellow stands for joy, friendship, new beginnings and remembrance.





ORANGE/CORAL : “I want you in my life”



RED AND WHITE TOGETHER: “We are a great match”



RED: “I love you”

Nothing says “I Love You” like red roses. Red symbolizes love, beauty, courage and respect.